Nebraska Senior Games

The Nebraska Senior Games is a member of the National Senior Games Association. The NSGA spearheads the senior games movement, sanctioning, and coordinating efforts in 50 states.  A community-based member of the United States Olympic Committee, the NSGA serves as one of the USOC's official arms to the senior population.  The NSGA is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles for seniors through education, fitness and sports. The Nebraska Senior Games follows the commitments of the NSGA by giving seniors the opportunity to achieve greater value and quality in their lives by staying healthy, active and fit.  The Games is a great socialization event that offers opportunity to meet new people and provides fun, friendly competition.  However, the Senior Games is more than just super-trained and conditioned athletes.  The Games provide opportunity to every person, no matter what their athletic ability.  Over the years there have been so many great competitions, personal bests, individual achievements, and friendships made.  The benefits of exercise, play, and socialization are well known.  Harriet Bloemker, age 78, from Fremont may have said it best.  "The Games provides a goal for staying active and a reason for learning new things.  In 2000 I bought a javelin and three years ago I started to learn how to throw a discus."  Harriet has been a regular participant in Nebraska and has competed in the National Games as well.  She was the flag holder during the Parade of Athletes in the 2003 National Senior Games in Baton Rouge, LA., as well as a State Representative for the 2007 National Senior Games in Louisville, KY.

The City of Kearney Park and Recreation Department and Kearney Visitors Bureau work together to coordinate the event; which has been hosted in Kearney since 1989.  The Nebraska Senior Games has been known as a well-organized event, led by friendly people, and held at great venues; such as the Big Apple Fun Center, various Kearney Public Schools, City Parks, Meadowlark Hill Golf Course, and the Buffalo County Fairground.  As Tom Bassett, age 63, from Lincoln says, the Nebraska Senior Games offer "…fun, fellowship, great facilities, and Kearney is an inexpensive town to visit.”  The Nebraska Senior Games is “open” to out-of-state residents, meaning not only local Kearney residents and Nebraskans are experiencing the games and community, but so are others that commute to participate in the games.  Last qualifying year (2014) we had 15 states represented in the Nebraska Senior Games, anywhere from New Jersey to California, and Texas to Florida.  The 2014 Nebraska Senior Games marked a record number year having 405 participants!   We anticipate these numbers to continue to grow in the years to come as we have seen in the past years. 


Nebraska Senior Games

1930 University Drive • P.O. Box 1180

Kearney, Nebraska 68848

Phone: 308-233-3229 or 308-237-4644

Fax: 308-233-3608

Program Coordinator: Kiane Davidson